The British Dispensary (L.P.) Co., Ltd. organize Conscious-building meditation courses for employees and the public aged between 20-45.
  • To provide knowledge and understanding on mindfulness and meditation to apply in daily life and at work.
  • To provide knowledge and understanding on Buddhism, Law of Action and Gratitude.
Duration : 3 days, 2 nights or 4 days, 3 nights with vegetarian meals.
Project Operation
  • Dharma practice, pray, walking and sitting meditations and Sila acceptance.
  • “Dharma at Dawn” morning exercise with mindfulness.
  • VCD presentation on “Bhava Bhumi” (States of existence and consciousness) by Khun Warakorn Raiwa.
  • A discourse on “Monks at Home” by Col.Thonngkam Sriyothin.
Regulations for the trainees
  • • Must be 15 years old or over
  • Excellent health, self-reliant, no contagious disease, not drug-addicted, not a psychic, or no unaccepted disease
  • Any kind of mental illness is prohibited
  • Strictly conform the regulations
  • Be considerate of and respect others
  • Follow the five basic commandments of the Buddha
Time and schedule
  • Being late or leaving the program early is not allowed
  • Wake up and go to bed as scheduled
  • Being on time
Things not to do
  • Any mobile or electronic devices are prohibited
  • No talking with anyone except the instructors, or contact with any throughout the program
  • No smoking and drugs
  • No working, reading, writing or listening to the radio
  • No one allowed to leave or bring the others to the restricted building, area
  • No cloth washing
Social manners
  • Keep the area clean and tidy and utilize the electrical and water supply at the maximum benefits
  • Be considerate of others and avoid any form of disturbance
  • Not over-eating, and keep manners under control while eating
How to dress
  • Put the name badge at all times when leaving the room
  • No accessories, cosmetics or perfume
  • Men wear white shirts, long trousers that is comfortable for the meditative attitude
  • Women wear white dresses, pants or skirts that long above the ankles or tube skirts that are comfortable for the meditative attitude
  • No shorts, low waist pants are not allowed
  • No see-through, tight dresses without sleeves
Perseverance of trainees
  • Intend to strictly follow the rules from the instructors
  • Try hard and continuously
  • Always control all senses, sight, hearing, test, smell and touch
  • Concentrate on every step you take
Things to be prepared yourself
  • Sufficient clothes, no laundry during the program
  • Personal Thing : Toothbrush, a bath towel, soap, other
  • Please bring your own medicine
Things to prepare for trainees
  • It is an air-conditioning room. Please prepare for warm clothes
  • Mattress, pillow and blanket
  • Soap, toothpaste, powder (Snake Brand’s products)
  • 3 veggie meals, and drinks such as tea, coffee or chocolate
How to apply : Applicants can access through