The training program emphasizes the development of leadership in children.

The British Dispensary (L.P.) Co., Ltd. and Vongvanij foundation are intentionally concentrated in supporting children to be aware of consciousness and meditation so as to adapt it in their daily life. The company organize meditation training camps for youths aged between 8-12 years. It has begun since 2000, three times a year, to pay back to community.
  • To provide the youth knowledge on how to apply mindfulness and meditation in daily life
  • To develop skill in learning and thinking systematically
  • To aim at the development of the youth to be capable leaders
Duration : 3 days, 2 nights with vegetarian meals
Training Agenda :
  • St. Luke’s Genius Program in April and May for the new youth who have never been in this program
  • St. Luke’s Genius Advance Program in October for the youth who have ever been in the St. Luke’s Genius program

Operated three times a year with 90 attendants per course
  • Katan - u - katavedita - dharma activity to remind the gratitude to parents by Phra Maha Kittisak Kodomsasiso, Phra maha Napan Suntipatto, Phra mahapanya Worapanyametee etc.
  • Wai Phra - praying - walking meditation - etc. by teachers from Vongvanij foundation
  • Handicraft - art and imagination by instructor Sompoj Tongdaeng, Khun Sarawadee- Sarawut Witsanukumron and teachers from famous art schools
Note : please fill in the application form completely and clearly
The expected results
  • Improve thinking skills, memory, patience and perseverance, that all influence the better behavior
  • Raise the awareness of gratitude to parents and others
  • Nurture proper self-confidence in children
  • Hold the moral principle for living
Project Operation
  • Activities to build up relationship : grouping and introducing themselves to promote acquaintance.
  • Activities to develop learning skill :
    1. Walking and sitting meditations to maintain mindfulness teach us to know how to control mind and mood skillfully
    2. “Create my Dream” activity
    3. A discourse on “Law of Action”
    4. A discourse on “Gratitude to parents”
    5. “Katan-u-katavedita-dharma” activity to remind the gratitude to parents
  • Recreation
    1. Game to create imagination through songs
    2. Handicrafts
  • Develop group identity
    1. Certificate Presentation Ceremony
Regulations of the St. Luke’s Genius Camp
The company is very pleased to thank the parents who pay attention and realize the vitality of the program and support their children for participation. In order to effectively benefit from the training, the company would like to inform the regulations in joining the program as follows: The training place opens at 6.00 am and closes at 7 pm
Rules and disciplines of staying together for the trainees
  • Obey the instructors and trainers
  • No talking or making a noise during the training
  • Cannot leave the training area without permission of instructors or trainers
  • Pay attention, respect in class and not play around in the training room
  • Any playing games, mobiles, toys and valuables are not allowed to bring in
  • Vegetarian meals are provided during the course of the training
  • Be patient to the Buddhist living style, which may not be comfortable
  • If any children feel home-sick, the trainers will take care of and persuade to stay. If the children refuse to, we will contact the parents to take them home
  • Willingly follow the rules
Rules for the parents
  • Inform their own children about the regulations to be ready for the training
  • Don’t bring toys, mobiles, food, snacks in the course
  • Parents should not contact or come by to see their children during the program since it may disturb and consequently makes their children give up except the emergency cases
  • Children with congenital disease should take their own medicine and let the trainers informed
  • Once parents lead their children to the program, please leave before the activity begins
  • On the last day, if parents want the meal, please notify the trainers at the registration day so that the meal will be prepared
  • One the last day, parents should arrive before 10.00 am, if not, please come not later than 12.30
  • Trainee with mental disorder or illness is not allowed to register the program
How to apply : applicants can access through
The process of application
  1. Fill in the application form St. Luke’s genius by the above direction
  2. The company would send the related documents such as the course schedule and rules via letter or Email address before attending to let the members make the understand before informing the attending desire.
  3. Two weeks before the course, the company would open the member list conservation 90 persons per course. Members who can follow the rules please inform the course attending desire while the over number members would be served as the substitution for the cancellation case.